Have bizarre dream. I was in a house and I with Cameron and Melinda Richardson. My car had a flat tire then I got a letter that basically said I had no money and I wasn’t going to be able to afford anything. Ariel’s rogge was there singing something and we were locked in this house trying to keep someone or something out. Then I went upstairs to the attic room and Nick Louvel was there in the sleep mask and pillow that I gave him… he said he loves it and never takes it off. The whole house was dark and eerie. I was freaking out because I didn’t have any money but then the drug store sent me all of these supplies and three packs of m&ms…. to help me out because I sent a letter back listing the things I wouldn’t be able to afford. I went to try and take a shower but I had my clothes on then I was outside running around the back yard trying to escape?

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