Had a dream that a group of girls went missing and there was this huge investigation and they fell down this giant crevasse in this big rock formation and I went looking for them with some other girls who were younger than me and I went ahead with this one other girl (the sister of one of the girls who was missing) and we were looking down the crevasse and she fell in when we jumped across it and all these rocks cascaded down after her and I just watched her disappear because I was so scared and I looked over the edge down into the darkness and i was terrified. It was like this sense of fear and panic overcame me and I jumped back across and met up with the rest of the group and said we didn’t find them and didn’t tell anyone that the girl fell in and all I was thinking about was how I was going to tell her mother than another one of her children went missing and I was also scared to tell her that I had a margarita at dinner because I’m not supposed to drink and I think I was so scared because it was also my mom but not exactly… it was strange

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