I dreamed that I was going to a party with a bunch of people from college and my dad was there the entire time either driving me around or sitting in the background wherever we were. We were at this bar and everyone was drinking but then I was in the bathroom with some girl or I was behind the bar with her and she had been working all day and was exhausted and then she passed out on the table in the bar where all of my friends were and i tried to move her then she threw up everywhere and I was freaking out because my dad was there but he wasnt saying anything. Then we were back at courtney reynolds house and kendal, aubrey, and peyton were there and my dad drove me there I think because my car wasnt there but I had to get home because I didnt want to be there any longer after that girl threw up and I wanted to see puff but they made all these whoopie pies and i really wanted one and courtney said I could have one so I was looking in her giant fridge and found one then courtney came in and said no get one from the bottle self theyre better so I started looking and couldnt find them and she told me to pull out the bottom drawer so I did but all that was in there was moldy bread then she threw the moldy bread at me and then she and kendal started SCREAM SINGING at the top of their lungs some late nineties pop song and I left to get in my uber that my dad called me because he ubered home earlier for some reason but still let me take the car…

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