A Naive Melody

You are the Sun and I am the Earth. I am soiled and used. You, my dear, are the brightest star in the galaxy. You give me life with your burning magnitude. You pull me through day after day; without fail; without question. You keep me in sync with the universe.

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This morning, after a restless night, I had back to back dreams; one confusing, the other disturbing. It started in my apartment, my roommate came into my room while I was asleep, naked, and said “your friends are here!” Confused, I sat up and Xander walked into the room and stated he liked Hannah (my […]

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Had a dream that I was in charlotte at my childhood house driving with my parents to Kenneth Lanning Salon (in Austin) to get my hair done and I was late so I had to jump out of bed and didn’t have time to take Puff out. So, I get in the car with my […]

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Today I had a nightmare where I was walking my dog, Puff, around town lake on a gorgeous Austin evening. The conditions were perfect – not yet Spring, a light breeze, and bearable humidity as the sun dipped out of sight but lit the sky nonetheless. The trail was not overcrowded and I wore the […]

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Last night the first dream I melted into involved my old boss in Dallas. Not only that, but my manager AND CEO. I was in my old office with Puff and we were celebrating my manager’s birthday. We had a party at the office with cake, brownies, and cookies; BUT, one random girl (who I […]

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2/16/20: day dream

Just woke out of a dream where I invited all of my coworkers over to hang out but fell asleep before they arrived and instead of waking me, they all hung out in the living room watching tru blood until I woke up. Then, one of my coworkers (who was actually my old coworker from […]

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Last night I had a dream that I was in Dallas with Olivia and Luis and they were tornado warnings and I needed to get out and drive back to Austin but Olivia was driving and we were about to get stuck in a tornado it was literally like the movie twister and all of […]

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2/5/2020: Men are Trash

Yes, you heard me. Men are trash and I have, for the moment, completely lost all hope in men. Granted, there are exceptions, however the universe clearly has other plans for me, seeing as I only seem to interact with the shitty ones. Thank you universe for sending me trash. What does this have to […]

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Last night I dreamt that I had to give up Puff. It was my worst nightmare to date. I think it was my mom who made me give up Puff and her reasoning was sound. I don’t remember the details but at the time it made sense to give him up because for some reason […]

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1/18/20: The Trifecta

Last night I had three nightmares and they are as follows: First I was in my old neighborhood running through houses and was scaling the fence at one of my neighbors and hopped over when this random Asian woman started speaking to me in Chinese and then said be careful ha ha. That house was […]

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Last night in my dream I had a threesome with Jamie Lee Curtis and her hot husband who reminded me of Dennis Quaid. We went skinny-dipping in my pool and then hooked up in my bed and then Jamie Lee Curtis bought me laundry detergent and washed my sheets for me. Then everything switched and […]

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